Bishop’s Kitchen Exhibition 2022 – Application Form

If you do not know your membership number then please contact the membership secretary e-mail:
Please add mobile phone number if possible. This is needed to contact you during the event, should we need to for any reason.
Please only select the newcomer option if this is your first year exhibiting at Bishop's Kitchen, and you wish a free newcomer entry which is restricted to three items only, Newcomers may opt to pay the standard fee and enter up to 15 items.
Is you are not able to offer stewarding during the exhibition, there may be an extra fee payable of £35.
Please mark any support activities for which you may be able to volunteer. Please check several if possible, to give us flexibility to meet all volunteering needs. Full volunteering arrangements will be provided as organisation for the exhibition are confirmed. It should be noted that we do not know if the Private Viewing will be allowed, and hence happening, this year.
Any other relevant information or comments that you may wish to add.

By submitting your application as an exhibitor you are agreeing to pay the appropriate registration fee (£20 standard, free for newcomers with 3 items only), commission fees on any sales (25%), and any other special fees (e.g. £35 excess may payable if you are not stewarding).