Members Gallery Entry

All members of the Southern Ceramic Group are invited to have their details included with the website Member’s Gallery.  Please see the Members Gallery Entry page for details. 

Bishops Kitchen Exhibition 2019

For all details about the Bishops Kitchen Exhibition for 2019, please see the Bishops Kitchen Page.


Key Dates for Bishops Kitchen Exhibition 2019

5 February Registration Opens: First come first served basis. Closing date for registrations 26 February
27 June Last date for entry forms providing details of your exhibits
24 July, 1-3 pm Deliver work to The Bishop’s Palace, Chichester
26 July, 6-8 pm Members and Friends Evening
27 July – 11 August Exhibition open to public
11/12 August Take down show – Collect unsold work


The following documents will gradually be released to members and will then be available for download.  You will be sent e-mail notification when new documents are issued/released.    Please click on the relevant links below once documents have been added:-

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – General Information including Registration (PDF Format)

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Exhibitor Registration Form (Microsoft Word Version)
Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Exhibitor Registration Form (PDF Format)

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Exhibitor Guidance (PDF Format)

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Full Exhibitor Form (Microsoft Excel Version) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Newcomer Exhibitor Form (Microsoft Excel Version) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Full Exhibitor Form (Microsoft Word Version) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Newcomer Exhibitor Form (Microsoft Word Version) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Detailed Stewarding Guidance  Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Guidelines on Labelling, Delivery and Collection Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Allocation of Volunteers for Tasks Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Stewarding Rota Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 – Check-In Sheets Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2018 – Full Catalogue Not Yet Available


To download the image files below, please right-click on the link with your mouse, and select the “Save Target as ……” option.

Bishops Kitchen 2019 A4 Poster (JPG) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 A4 Poster (PDF) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 DL Size Flyer Front Side (JPG) Not Yet Available

Bishops Kitchen 2019 DL Size Flyer Back Side (JPG) Not Yet Available

Data Privacy Policy

The Data Privacy Policy for the group has been updated to ensure that it falls in line with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) in March 2018.  A copy of this policy can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


1. This Policy explains why we collect personal information about our members, how we use it, how we secure it and what your rights are. It is compliant with the, mandatory from 25th May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which says that personal data is any information that leads to a person being identified or identifiable. The earlier EU Data Protection Directive (94/46/EC) says that the definition is technology neutral. It does not matter whether the personal data is stored on paper or on a computer, it is still personal data.

2. We may collect, use and store your personal data, as described in this Data Privacy Policy. You will be notified of Policy changes in the Members Section of the SCG website ( If the change is significant then revised agreements must be sought from members.

3. The Principles under which we store and use your data are that it must always be:

Lawful, fair and transparent               Accountable; to demonstrate compliance with this Policy
Limited in scope                                 Adequate and Relevant for the purpose
Kept no longer than is necessary       Protected from breach with notification procedures

Why we hold your Data

4. We hold your personal data only when you have given us permission to do so and in order to:

a. run a membership system; register members, send renewals and keep track of payments etc.

b. maintain a Membership List, which is then sent hard copy to all members annually to enable them to keep in touch with each other and pursue their interest in ceramics bilaterally or in small groups.

c. enable the Communications Manager to send you by Email information about what is going on in the ceramics world in our area and Group, and its fringes, as well as to distribute newsletters.

d. run the Group website and social media. The personal data on the website is specifically provided by you for the purpose, for example your data in the Members’ Gallery.

e. organise exhibitions and other events; involving only the personal data of members who have specifically registered.
Who holds What Data?

5. The Membership Secretary holds an electronic file with data about you, which you have provided. It contains your contact details, your membership status, expiry and subscriptions. He/she also holds a manual file containing both your initial membership application and your agreement to this Data Privacy Policy.

6. The Communications Manager holds electronic lists of your names, contact details and membership status, which he/she uses solely for the purpose of sending information to members.

7. The website Members’ Gallery contains only data provided for the purpose by you. You may request the Website Manager for it to be removed at any time and it will be done within a reasonable time.

8. Other Committee Members have as required access to electronic data held by the Membership Secretary in pursuance of their duties (eg. audit, supervision). Copied data will be held for up to 6 months and then deleted.

9. Exhibition organisers will only hold personal data that has been provided to them by members who have registered to participate. In the case of the Exhibition Treasurer this may include bank account details.

10. The Membership Secretary sends a hard copy of the Membership List annually to all members containing your name, address and contact details. You may opt out of this listing.

Where is Your Data being Held?

11. Committee Members and anyone acting on their behalf (eg. Exhibition Organisers and the Communications Manager are not always committee members) are to have private modern computer systems with up to date internet security, incorporating virus protection. All your data above will be held on such computers locally and not on any shared drive or common drive on a ‘cloud’. These personnel are to implement user name and password protection on login.

For how Long is Data Held?

12. The Membership Secretary will inform committee members normally within 3 months of 31st March each year of members who have not paid and that membership has ceased. Those committee members will then delete you from Email distribution lists. The Membership Secretary will delete your data if your membership has lapsed for 3 years. Exhibition data is to be kept for 3 years, to allow for follow up queries and comparison.

How else do we Protect your Data?

13. We will notify you promptly in the event of any breach of your personal data. We will never pass on your data to a 3rd Party, without your permission. We do not allow others to use our membership lists. We implore all members in the strongest terms not to pass on the Membership List, or data from it, to non-members or groups. It is only sent to you in hard copy and we ask you not to create electronic versions.

14. The Newsletter Manager is to ensure that the Newsletter and its online archive only contain names or photographs with no details which would make the person identifiable, unless contributors have made the decision to include more data about themselves.

What Rights do you have once you have given your Data?

15. You have the right to access your personal data through the Membership Secretary and have your data corrected or erased. He/She can also provide more detail about how your data is used.

Your Agreement

16. It is a condition of Membership of the Southern Ceramics Group that you agree to this Data Privacy Policy. The enclosed form is to be returned when completed to the Membership Secretary.

Member Listing

A copy of the members directory is sent in hard copy to all current members of the SCG.  We no longer distribute an electronic version of this directory.

It only contains contact details of those who have agreed for the information to be released.

Important: This directory may contain some information that people choose not to have published in the normal BT phonebook or other public domain sets of data, and it is important that this is respected by all.

For this reason, please adhere to the following:

1. You are free to pass this document or the information contained in it to others, as long as:

  • The person you are passing the information to is listed in the directory.
  • The person you are passing the information to is a registered member of the SCG, but not listed in the directory.

2. Under no circumstances are the details contained in the directory are to be given to anyone not listed in the directory. If you get a request for such information, it must be handled in one of the following ways:

  • Take the enquirer’s details, and pass them on to the member they wish to communicate with. It is then the choice of that member to make contact with the original enquirer.
  • Refer the enquirer to the SCG website.
  • Give the enquirer the contact details of the Membership Secretary, and the request will be handled on your behalf.

3. On receipt of a new edition of the directory, all previous versions should be destroyed by either:

  • Deleting or replacing the old electronic copy with the new one.
  • Tearing-up or shredding any paper copies, and replacing with the new version.

Please do not pass this directory to any other person or organisation.

How to update this directory:
If you spot any errors or omissions in the directory, or have any questions about it, you can contact the membership secretary by email (preferred) at or by telephone on 01264 390047.

Group Constitution

Details of the Constitution of the Group are available here:- SCG-CONSTITUTION-2015