Online Summer Sales Exhibition 2020

31st July to 16th August 2020

Welcome to a brand new online selling exhibition from the Southern Ceramic Group. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many public events and exhibitions have been cancelled in order to maximise social distancing and minimise risk to the population.  This has included our normal annual summer exhibiton at the Bishop’s Kitchen located in Chichester Cathedral. So this year we are providing an opportunity for you to browse currently available work from many of our members, including the opportunity to contact the ceramicists and purchase these items.  This online exhibition is now open and will run for 2 weeks, similar to our normal exhibition at the Bishop’s Kitchen.  

The rolling display below gives you some idea of the items of work from the artists who are exhibiting.  You can now enter the exhibition using the button below in order to view all the lovely new items of work on display, with the opportunity to buy! The exhibition includes details on the artists, prices, images and descriptions of the work, and contact details for purchase (or a link through to their own website where items can be purchased).

We hope that you will explore our exhibition, and that you will find the variety and quality of the work inspiring and enjoyable!

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