Abby Ducharme

As a maker, I create objects with a particular function in mind and then proffer this to the viewer so that they may reinterpret it and develop their own desired use and enjoyment from the work.

Use and beauty are therefore constant to the forefront of my making process.

I discovered ceramics by accident whilst studying a BA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University. It was then that I became fascinated by the unlimited possibilities of clay as a material and the subtleties of change that can occur during the making process.

Having worked as a product designer and mould maker at a Commercial Pottery, I’ve found that the influence of this industrial environment has led my own work towards a more hands on making approach.  In such, I now develop and mix my own clay bodies, the majority being porcelain/earthenware hybrids. Often I leave sections of natural clay surface bare and unglazed; decorating only with porcelain slips and my own photographic ceramic transfers.

Address:  1, School Lane, Stedham, West Sussex GU29 0NT

Work Telephone Number:  07905 474 662

Mobile Telephone Number:  07905 474 662


Services:  Commissions taken – Pottery Workshops (handbuilding / throwing / glazing / mould making & more)

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