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After 16 years working in management, I left to start a family and decided not to return but to change direction and move into the creative industry. I became self employed and went to night school and then Uni from 2011 to 2014 finishing with a HNC in Graphic Design and a BA (Hons) in Design Communication and won an International design award. It was while I was exploring different mediums that I fell in love with clay. I managed to get an old electric kiln and a 1950’s treadle wheel. I read everything I could find in the library or watch online and I haven’t stopped making since.

My current work is exploring sgraffito particularly a black slip on a white body or mishima on a stone ware body. There’s nothing better than sitting, carving away and listening to a good story. I work with simple tools and very little equipment to minimise the impact on the environment.

I also volunteer at a local (not for profit) community art group giving adults, families an opportunity to experience art and craft.

Mobile Telephone Number:  07765252589​

Services:  Commissions accepted. 

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