Geraldine Maynard-Hoare

For some years, I have been creating ceramic figurines.

These are mainly high-fired and monochromatic, using slip and oxides. However, I do love colour, so when circumstances allow, I create raku pieces, and glazed high-fired figurines.

Inspiration can come in different guises, and it’s fascinating to me that each one of us is a unique creation. People have always intrigued me, especially their body language. Using my observations to give me ideas, I use clay to produce unique pieces of work. This can be very rewarding, especially using finishing details to make them more lifelike.

The whole feeling of a particular piece can alter with different poses, or perhaps the tilt of the head. My sympathetic and emotional nature is often reflected in the making of my figurines. Sometimes I like a sense of movement, giving variation to the style of my work.

Textures are also important to me, in order to mimic fabric. This might be simple sacking, or anything else that has a relief to it. Sometimes I might glean peculiar items from the roadside, perhaps making use of a piece of tread from an old tyre. I have been known to bring home anything from a discarded florist’s ribbon, to the sole of an old boot – strange behaviour!

My older sister often makes a subliminal appearance in my sculptures, perhaps holding my hand. Memories of frozen moments in time assist in the creative process, and so with a mix of subtle changes, a different figurine emerges every time.

Services:  Commissions accepted.

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