Rockpool Pottery aka Louise Watson


Having retired as a epidemiologist, I now have fun making both functional and sculptural ware in my weeny studio at home. I mainly work in white stoneware but do foray into white earthenware when I have the patience.

I am a hand builder and am developing some scrafitto work currently, as I love carving, I think it may be an addiction. I have worked out some commercial high fire glaze combinations to get some pretty effects but it did take some practice.

I also sculpt heads and really must learn how to sculpt the entire body! I am inspired by the coastal area and the South Downs and spend much time on the beach with the dogs.

Address:  Westbourne, West Sussex.

Mobile Telephone Number:  07496 998 278

Website:  Find me on Instagram @Rockpoolpottery and Etsy: RockpoolPottery

Services:  I sell retail and wholesale and will accept commissions with delight.

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