Lynn Nicholls (Southsea Mudlark)

Having previously been a set designer for the B.B.C. where precision was important, my approach to working with clay is more spontaneous and intuitive.

I make functional ceramics, either thrown or slab built. I am influenced by a range of 20th century painters and sculptors. I explore colour, line and decorative imagery, both abstract and representational, by responding to the shape and form of my pieces. While I often work in a series most of the pieces are one of a kind.

I enjoy supporting community-based projects and for the past three years I have worked with local potters and St Simon’s church in Southsea leading the ‘Empty Bowls’ project. Collectively we made and donated over 250 handmade bowls. ‘Empty Bowls’ brought people from the city in a communal environment to share a simple meal together, raise funds and awareness of the homeless and hungry in our city.

Address:  Art Space Portsmouth, Studio 13, 27 Brougham Road , Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 4PA

Mobile Telephone Number:  07855 753 431​

Services:  Commission accepted.

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