Marion Stewart

I started working with clay in the 1980’s, using earthenware and hand building figurative pieces. I soon became interested in sculpting naturalistic scenes of intricate flowers, birds and animals and changed to working with David Leach porcelain for its translucent qualities when used for petals and leaves. I have since worked with a number of different clays but I always come back to porcelain.

From 2014-2017 I was a full-time student at Southampton University, Winchester School of Art, studying for a Fine Art degree. During those years I experimented with many different materials and processes in the sculpture studio, where I was based, but for my main piece in my degree show, I re-visited porcelain in the form of an installation of 2017 slip cast parian cups.

My practice is now multifaceted encompassing drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Following on from my work at university, I am investigating drawing from the unconscious, in an intuitive way and have plans to work with porcelain in a similar, abstract way.

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