Rosemarie James

I grew up in the landlocked Midlands, discovered the joys of clay at art college, and came down to Dorset to complete my studies. Only then, standing on my own, did I really begin to learn, absorb, and expand my experience. I fell in love with Dorset, it’s beauty and history, it’s sea and sky, it’s ancient landscape. I try to express that in form and colours, in the flow of glazes, the curve of a form. It’s an endless road, full of problems and surprises, an enrichment of my life’s experience.

I currently make both decorative and functional pieces in high fired earthenware, overlaying glazes in rich blues, greens and whites.  The terracotta clay defines the forms, as the glazes flow away slightly from the edge. I throw, slab build, and occasionally use modelling. Every piece will have it’s own unique beauty, since the fluid glazes form their own designs.

Address:  5, St Peters Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 0NY

Work Telephone Number:  01202 716 906

Home Telephone Number:  01202 716 906

Mobile Telephone Number:  07873 922 533

Services:  Commission accepted.

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