Sue Thomas

Making pots was learned from evening classes which grew to the building of a shed in the garden to enable ‘potting’ whenever I choose. I use stoneware for most decorative and kitchen pieces but terracotta for the garden. The pots I make mostly reflect my other interests. Birdwatching has led to making bird feeders, bird baths and blackbirds to perch on the fence. The harbour views and seascapes seen from sailing trips feature on decorative pieces, often using coloured clay and texture. In the greenhouse plastic pots are replaced by terracotta – the plan is to make plant pots to suit the different herbs and succulents that I grow.

My garden studio is open to the public during the Emsworth Arts Trail at the end of April each year.

Address:  15A River Street, Westbourne, Emsworth. PO10 8TG

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