Cabby Luxford

“Raku fired horse with screen printed transfers and horseshoe nails”

Price £180

Height (max) 190 mm x Width (max) 230 mm

Weight: 4.5lbs

This horse is fired using the raku method. This exciting technique results in cracking on the piece which are highlighted with the smoking in the reduction bin. My sister provides me with horseshoe nails! These are fired in situ. The added roses are underglaze transfers and will never fade.

The nails are a little rough so care needs to be taken when moving the piece.

Example Ceramics Work
Example Ceramics Work

Tall lidded smoke-fired vessel with Thames find

Price £95

Height (max, inc find) 270mm  Width (max) 90mm

This piece is thrown on the potters wheel, burnished and smoke fired. Copper wire in the firing produces the fine lines, the fumes flow around the pot and created random markings and colours. This vessel has a foreshore find attached to the lid with copper wire.

Decorative only,

Example Ceramics Work
Example Ceramics Work

Smoked sphere

Price £85

 240mm tall, 170mm wide

This sphere started life on the potters wheel. It is then burnished (smoothed) and fired in an electric kiln. Wrapped in foil with various additives (ferric, copper etc)  it is saggar fired in a smoke bin. Polished with microcrystalline wax brings out the rich colours and finish.

Non-functional – decorative only. Not waterproof.

Example Ceramics Work

“Large smoked vase”

Price £110

Size: 38cms x 18cms

Formed on the potters wheel this piece is burnished and fired in an electric kiln. Additives such as copper and ferric are added.
Copper wire creates the fine lines of the piece, it is finally fired in a smoke bin.

The vase is internally sealed and waterproofed.

Example Ceramics Work

“Three little smoked bottles”

Price £120

Size: 22cms high

Three little bottles that have been thrown on the potters wheel, burnished, fired in an electric kiln and then smoked in a bin with additives including copper wire (this creates the fine lines). Each has a found piece of treasure. One is from the Thames, two have medieval buckles found by metal detection.

Decorative Only.

I am passionate about all things clay and make an eclectic mix of contemporary ceramics. Many of these reflect my love of alternative firing methods, raku, Indian smoke, saggar firings.

I am also inspired by finding treasures – discarded objects found on the beach or river foreshore and often incorporate these into my pieces, elevating their lowly status from laying overlooked in the mud or sand and making them visible once more. There is a tactile connection to the past as we consider who these objects belonged to and what their use was.

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