Derek Matthews

“Bird on a Drum”

Price £260

13 cm long x 4 cm wide x 6 cm high

Terracotta, oxides and multiple firings.  The bird, like many of my pieces is formed from a single “sheet“ of clay.

Unique piece.

Example Ceramics Work

“Crocodile Box”

Price £475

30 cm long x 10 cm wide x 13 cm high

A box or reliquary for secrets. Mixed clays, oxides and underglaze pigments with multiple firings.

A totally unique piece.

Example Ceramics Work

“An Elephant”

Price £185

19 cm long x 13 cm high x 10 cm wide

Mixed clays, oxides and underglaze pigments with multiple firings.

Unique piece.

Example Ceramics Work

“Bull with Bird”

Price £260

19 cm long x 9 cm wide x 12 cm high

Terracotta with inclusions. Oxides and underglaze colours with copper ring through the nose. Multiple firings.

Unique piece.

Example Ceramics Work

“A Winged Cat”

Price £40

Excluding base. 100mm high x 70mm wide x 30mm deep.

Mixed clays, oxides and glazes. Multiple firings.

One of a set of seven. All different. Three already sold. Available with or without base.

I use a variety of paper clays: clay blended with fibre into which I often add other fragments of additional material. These ”inclusions” add to the alchemy and help give the clay a distressed or patinated surface.

Many of my ceramics start with a narrative that’s either imagined, half remembered , carefully researched or commissioned.

I like the idea of my work having an underlying logic. A sort of implied provenance.

Whimsy, folk, religious and tribal art go into the creative mix.

Then other influences, including the physical nature of the clay, creep in and my original ideas take on a life of their own.

I like to to view my work as artefacts or relics retrieved from a place that may…. or may not have existed.

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Address:  Langhurst Cottage, Prestwick Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey, GU8 4XP

Contact Telephone Number:  01428 684 580

Payment Methods Accepted:  Payment method by negotiation.

How to buy:  Please use the contact form to contact me, or telephone on the number above if you wish to purchase an item.

Delivery:  Ideally buyer collects from my studio. Personal delivery may be possible or packing and posting by negotiation.

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