Nicola Gillis

“Kurinuki square vase”

Price £55

11 cm wide x 11 cm high

Weight: 747g

Stoneware with slip decoration and dolomite and ash glaze.

Stoneware clay can be used in dishwasher.

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“Kurinuki teabowls”

Price £42

8.5 cm height x 7.5 cm wide

Weight: 270g

Carved teabowls, faceted and glazed stoneware.

Food safe and dishwasher safe.

Example Ceramics Work

“Kurinuki mugs”

Price £45

8.5 cm High x 8 cm Wide

Weight: 333g

Stoneware clay with slip design or iron wash.

Food safe, Dishwasher safe.

Example Ceramics Work

“Green star serving dish”

Price £39

24 cm wide x 7.5 cm high

Weight: 915g

Stoneware serving dish with slip and underglaze design.

Food safe, dishwasher safe.

Example Ceramics Work

“Black star serving dish”

Price £49

7 cm High x 29 cm Wide

Weight: 1100g

Large serving dish made from stoneware clay with an iron wash design.

Food safe, Dishwasher safe.

I use the methods of handbuilding, throwing and kurinuki technique to make my work. Kurinuki is the process of carving a form from a single block of clay and this is a technique I am currently exploring. My focus is on functional forms, cups, bowls, serving dishes and vases. I use both flecked stoneware and mix
my own darker stoneware clay. I dig clay where possible and use this to make slips for decoration. I also make my own glazes and like to use wood ash in some of these. I fire mainly in oxidation.

Address:  6 St. Luke’s Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9ZE

Contact Telephone Number:  07986 026 440

Payment Methods Accepted:  BACS Transfer or PayPal via PayPal invoice.

How to buy: 

Please email me if there is a piece you wish to buy


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Delivery:  Packing and Posting offered at a reasonable cost. Alternatively work can be collected from my studio.

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