Sandra Bidmead

“A good view”

Price £95

370mm High x  440mm Wide

Weight: 2584g

Stoneware hare, coloured with slips and oxides.

Suitable for garden display.

Example Ceramics Work


Price £85

230mm High x  400mm Wide

Weight: 2030g

Stoneware rhino, coloured with underglaze wash.

Example Ceramics Work

“Balancing Act”

Price £70

340mm High x  100mm Wide

Weight: 785g

A circus rat, stoneware, coloured with slips and oxides.

Example Ceramics Work

Hare Head Study

Price £60

280mm High x  130mm Wide

Weight: 668g

Stoneware, coloured with slips.

Example Ceramics Work

“Lookout Hare”

Price £95

500mm High x  220mm Wide.

Weight: 3048g

A hare for the garden.

Animals and nature have always been my passion and inspiration. I like to use a highly grogged white stoneware clay, but sometimes the coarse texture and biscuity colour of crank is more appropriate.  I fire to stoneware temperature mainly for strength but also to mature the oxide wash which I find works well for animals. I have enjoyed experimenting lately with subtly coloured underglaze washes inspired by the beautiful wall paintings in Roman villas, these are fired to a lower temperature. 

Address: Springfield Close, Lavant, Chichester PO180AZ 

Contact Telephone Number: 07545 385251

Payment Methods Accepted: BACS Transfer (Preferred) or Cheque.


How to buy: Please telephone me on the number above if you wish to purchase an item

Delivery: Packing and Posting offered at a reasonable cost.  Alternatively, work can be collected from my studio.

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