Tim Thornton

Black wood-fired tea bowl

Price £55

100mm high, 120 diameter 

Weight: 940g

A tea bowl with a thick black temmoku glaze, fired for many days in a wood-fired Anagama kiln.

Where facing the flames, the ash and fluxes deposited on the bowl have created golden runs and a white flash; this has also carried on around the rim. On the inside of the rim, we also see red-brown areas. On the underside, the glaze has gathered and dripped, with one drip going down to the tabletop (polished smooth, so it won’t scratch anything). The bare clay has also acquired an attractive orange flashing.

Food safe

Example Ceramics Work

White bowl

Price £30

Height 50mm, diameter 155mm

Weight: 365g

A small , wood-fired bowl. Glazed on the inside with a traditional Nuka glaze – a mix of tree ash, plant ash, clay and sand, this produces a glossy white glaze with blue and white streaks. The unglazed outside is a shiny tan leather colour.

Food safe, oven safe. Capacity 300ml.

Example Ceramics Work

Wood-fired, ash glazed bowls

Price £40 each, £200 for the set of six

180mm Diameter x 60mm High

Weight: 560g

Six medium sized bowls. Ideal for soup or pasta, or as a small serving bowl.

These are unglazed on the outside, where they have taken on colours from a bright, glossy tan through to a matt blue-grey. Some have significant ash deposits, where ash from the kiln has fused on to the side of the bowl, either as a golden dribble of natural glaze, or as a rougher grey-blue encrustation. The inside has a white, crazed wood-ash glaze that has pooled to a sea green on some of the bowls; some of the bowls have a roughness on the inside, where ash and other particles in the kiln have landed but not melted into the glaze completely. The bowls have been thrown thinly, so they are reasonably light but still retain throwing marks in the clay.

Food safe, oven safe. Capacity 500ml

Example Ceramics Work

Tall square wood-fired vase

Price £120

300mm High x 90mm Wide

Weight: 1.53kg

This tall, elegant vase has very organic texture and colouration, with many people initially thinking it has been made out of wood.

The vase has been hand built, with a strong vertical grain-like texture. It was then fired for 5 days before the kiln was allowed to cool, building up a rich layer of golden molten wood ash on the side facing the flames. The other sides have variations in colour and degree of gloss, depending on how exposed they were to the heat and flames. The texture is further highlighted by the colour differences between the exposed peaks and sheltered recesses of the grain.

The piece has had a transparent matt glaze applied to the inside, to ensure that it is fully watertight.

Example Ceramics Work

Small rock pot

Price £25

70mm height, 110mm diameter

Weight: 460g

A small pot, ideal for a succulent plant or a small bonsai.

Hand built, it has been formed to take on the nature of a craggy, fissured piece of rock, further emphasised by the glazes used.

Tim Thornton creates pieces based on traditional ceramic vessel forms, ranging from the functional to the sculptural. The forms are simple, loose  and organic, and have a timeless quality. The surface of the piece is also important, both in terms of texture and colour.

Tim does not feel tied to any particular material, making or firing technique. He works in earthenware and stoneware, hand building and using the wheel. Finishes are often complex, whether from glazes fired in his studio, or unglazed pieces wood fired in the Anagama kiln at Oxford University for up to a week, with the colour and finish purely given by the interaction between the clay and the heat, flames and ash in the kiln.

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