Vidya Thirunarayan

Cockerel – the joy of the transient

Price £60

20 cm high x 20 cm wide

Weight: 800g

Created with earthenware clay

Comes with a wooden display platform and a short wooden pole to offer choices for displaying the cockerel.

Example Ceramics Work

Jug and dimpled tumbler

Price £45

Jug 12cm wide x 14 cm high; cup 8 cm high

Weight: 1.4kg

Hand-thrown earthenware that is food safe. The tumbler has two dimples which give it a quirky character, equally facilitate a good hold, making it very tactile.

Example Ceramics Work

World in a platter

Price £60

Approx. 40 cm length, 27 cm width, 7 cm high

Weight: 2.5g

The unusual form of the platter is informed of my movement in dance. The surface design is an interpretation of the main elements, the sea, land and sky. The textures and spontaneous surface designs draw their inspiration from traditional India patterns and textures. 

The platter is versatile in its offer, to hold fruits, bread, salad etc. It is food-safe, oven and dishwasher proof. Will certainly liven up conversation and food at the table!

Example Ceramics Work

Little versatile pair

Price £40

Approx. Bowl 13 cm diameter, 5 cm high; pot 10 cm high, 8 cm wide

Weight: 500g

These functional wheel-thrown pair and can be used in imaginative ways to serve snacks and dips. The surface design is informed by rice powder drawings called Kolam drawn every day at dawn in the damp earth in front of every south Indian house – as a way of welcoming people and the idea of sharing. The rice powder feeds the creepy crawlies and acknowledges the shared world we live in. At another level, it celebrates the idea of the transient.

Food safe, oven and dishwasher proof.

Example Ceramics Work

Perfectly imperfect

Price £45

Approx. 18cm wide 14 cm high

Weight: 1kg

This wheel-thrown and hand-build vessel whole-heartedly celebrates the notion of spontaneity. This vessel boldly applauds the idea of imperfection. It celebrates the in-between, incomplete and the marginalia. The result is a unique and quirky character that will challenge perceptions.

Earthenware vessel; surface decoration and textures hint at Indian pattern and design.

Dancingpots creates hand-thrown pots inspired by dance, India, and life.

 The 5 pieces displayed within the Southern Ceramics Group’s exhibition, showcase samples from the online exhibition, Flight of the Transient that can be viewed on my website, at

 Flight of the transient brings together a mix of functional vessels that celebrate food, and sculptural pieces that celebrate the ephemerality of life. 

 Created from earthenware clay, all exhibits aim to capture movement, in all its elegant and quirky moments. The surface designs are inspired by Indian textiles and powder drawings called Kolam.

The functional bowls are wheel-thrown and are versatile in their offer. Bowls can be matched to make a wider set for an elegant and informal dining experience for the family. The intention is to make the everyday meal, special. I can create bespoke dinner sets to suit individual preferences. 

 In contrast to the functional bowls which call for some measured consideration on the wheel, the hand-build vessels, whole-heartedly celebrate the notion of spontaneity. These vessels boldly applaud the idea of imperfection. They celebrate the in-between, incomplete and the marginalia. The result in a collection of unique and quirky character vessels; vessels that will challenge perceptions.

The cockerels express the joy of the transient.

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